Úvodní video

Ex Post, Praha, CZE
Anti Conflict Team

An audiovisual exhibition with the collaboration of Ukrainian, Russian and Czech artists. The project culminated in the accompanying programme of the first edition of Prague Art Week.

Lucie Svobodová is an established Czech multimedia artist who presents a leaf from her visual diary. The 1989 animation TANKS, created on period computer technology, depicts her memory of the presence of Russian troops in Czechoslovakia in 1968.

Exhibiting: Maksym Izotov (Ukraine)
Elizaveta Marinova (Russia)
Praho! (Czech Republic)
Lucie Svobodová (Czech Republic)

Project initiator: Prokop Bartoníček
Expert consultation: Kamil Nábělek, Ph.D

vimeo #717505309

Tanky (1989)
1:10 min
Amiga 500 animation