Úvodní video

musical album
46 minutes

music: Bradley Stratton
vocals, lyrics, music: Lucie Svobodová
sound: Dušan Lippert
clip from recording: Jan Mudra
CD–ROM: Ivan Tatíček

The album was based on poems and diary entries adapted to a musical form by Bradley Stratton. The entire musical production was subsequently coming into existence in collaboration with Dušan Lippert. Apart from the songs, there was also a CD-ROM that included texts, sounds, videos and interactive games. The album was listed among the top entries of the Rock & Pop readers’ annual chart – discovery, album and song of the year. It was also successful in the charts of Radio 1.

Pavel Mandys: The moody alternative electronic music with interesting voice and lyrics of Svobodová were a promise for the future; regretfully, no more music was published after this CD.

YTB #3Uaxpp1hyQ4

4 minutes

režie: Otakáro Schmidt
kamera: Vítězslav Bělohradský
animace: Hynek Pakosta, Jan Rybář, Karel Hibala, Josef Žilák, Josef Kasal

The clip is a combination of 3D animation and real shots. The shooting took place in Prague. The end of the clip shows an animation of an infinite space filled with individual cosmoses.