Úvodní video

Mánes Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic

3D animation
4 minutes
music: Hynek Schneider

3D animated film based on drawings and paintings. The movement through time is combined with continuing personal experiences which are gradually getting lost forever in the course of time. 


The first collective exhibition of Czech multimedia art in the Mánes exhibition hall. The exposition presented works of nearly fifty artists, that is almost all who focused on video art in the Czech Republic. The work was required to be shown on a monitor, so no installations and the like were not exhibited.  

from left:  Slauka, Bielický, Vasulka, Vrána, Svačina, Schneider, Helebrant, Svobodová, Hřebačka, Skala, Papadopulosová, Roubíček, Šilhan, in front: Tatíček, Randlíková, Milerský