monograph 88´- 06´
published by: Arbor Vitae
foreword: Radek Wohlmuth
graphic design: Vojtěch Domlátil

“On a subconscious level, Svobodová perceives the current world as an element divided into two basic planes. Into the realm of traditions and symbols to which she was born and which had a formative influence on her life, and into hectic era filled with virtual reality which determines the character of the present-day dailiness.”

Radek Wohlmuth



Unstaged photographs showing real situations in entirely new juxtapositions. The very form of the chosen method – diptych – consists of two opposites (or twins) placed next to each other. Digital graphics, present directly in the photographs, is characterised by a simple form – lines, symbols, elementary shapes. The precision of the graphics introduces narrative function into the image. It tells stories in which the idea of the eternal life cycle confronts and complements the concept of evolution. Connecting of the disparate and searching for mutual connections are as capable of producing a tension as is the antipole – the release/liberation. The set contains tens of versions.    



BioArt, digital photography, graphics

Photo stories of hidden nature and life beneath our feet connect nonlinear narration that is typical for literary experiments with scientific observation and visualisation on the web.

Denisa Kera 

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