Úvodní video

National Gallery Prague – Trade Fair Palace, Czech Republic

curator: Helena Musilová
exhibition design: Pavel Kolíbal, Jakub Jansa, Lucie Svobodová
light installation: Jakub Jansa, Lucie Svobodová
lighting: Michal Kuběnský
graphic design: Marek Jodas

Art intervention in the permanent exposition of Czech Modern art II in the National Gallery Prague.

The purpose of this intervention was to bring the paintings of the first third of the 20th century and contemporary paintings into confrontation. The Czech Modern paintings were painted intuitively or making use of geometrical order. Lucie Svobodová’s oil paintings come into existence through the artist’s interaction with computer. Only the most recent technologies allow calculation with response to be used as a basis for creation of a painting. The light installation that was a part of the exhibition, too, derived from the same principles. The only difference being that the gradients are not painted with paints but with light.


“The canvas is a virtual field and the virtual field is a canvas. Computer programme as such does not create – it visualises. Computer programme is not a brush but the brush must also enter this joint action at some point. The results of experimentation with technologies the purpose of which is not an extension of the medium but exceeding its limits – from both sides. The experiments go beyond the bounds of the hitherto standard definitions of art as well as the bounds of hardware manuals.”

Miroslav Petříček

“Revolutionary discoveries in the field of digital image processing gave rise to a new, as yet unexplored concept of art that can be described as “painting in the gradient field”. In order to be able to follow the individual brushstrokes, it is necessary to convert the newly-emerged gradient field back to absolute (scalar) values and get an immediate response.”

Daniel Sýkora

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