Úvodní video

Nau Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic

installation, video
2 minutes
curator: Jiří Ptáček
sofa made by: Vítězslav Vrbka
technology design: Jakub Hybler
sound design: Adam Sporka
film: backroundsfilms.cz
cast: Štěpánka Fingerhutová
director of photography: Jan Šuster

Interactive installation consisting of film, painting, design and play with sound composition. The film makes deliberate references to the aesthetic of the 1930s. The sofa with paintings instead of cushions, floral motifs, sounds resembling whispering and quiet laughter. The atmosphere of expectation in combination with all components of the installation is to raise the issues of personal feelings, intimacy, experiences of sensuality as well as eroticism. The object of desire, however, remains obscure.

Exhibited also at MuMo, Prague.


“The Obscure Object of Desire is an intentional wasting of creative energy and resources the resulting effect of which will most probably be the fact that none of the various types of spectators/participants viewing the artwork will be fully satisfied. Only in this general dissatisfaction (although it may seem absurd), however, the artist’s intention to dissociate the reception of desire and its object from their conventional identification with concrete representations and to start a debate about the essence of desire and its stereotypical projections come to fruition.

Jiří Ptáček

Youtube #ERtRiqAVb00

Czech Television, Artmix
directed by: Jana Chytilová