Moving image
in the city

Gallery of Art Critics, Prague, Czech Republic

curator: Vlasta Čiháková - Noshiro

The prints show the last stage of the artist’s experiments focused on combination of painting and photography with algorithms. The technique based on dramatic illumination (tenebrism) and the technique making use of overlapping translucent materials layered on a dark background were inspired by baroque paintings. Being of key importance in conveying the sense of three-dimensionality, the real light falling in specific direction becomes the final layer. Abstract shapes emerge from the darkness and contrast with the distant space.

Vimeo #420975400


3D animation
4 min
music: Michal Pekárek

A summer moment when the perception of reality changes for a split second (as if the change was caused by tiredness and heat). Heat haze in combination with gradual drifting off to sleep produces the impression of blurred contours, changing colours, forms, speed of movement when the mind finally leaves the real world completely and begins to dream.

Part of the National Gallery Prague collection – new media art.  

YouTube #WM2trWcV7X0


YouTube #YK4JuI3MLLk