Sculpture of
goddess Diana –

Letná Park public space, Prague, Czech Republic

conceived by: Lucie Svobodová, Petra Vlachynská
lighting: Jakub Hybler
sound: Adam Sporka

Light and sound Sculpture of Goddess Diana was inspired by the original bronze statue that was stolen. It was installed in the same place as the original sculpture one hundred years ago. The illuminated outline became the materialised memory but the installation simultaneously filled the emptiness of the place with the work that was truly contemporary and new. It is meant to suggest the transience of all things as well as memories and, at the same time, the possibility of their reappearance in a new form. Thanks to the act of artistic creation, the loss of an item belonging to cultural property has thus turned into a positive moment and gave new life to the community space.

The Sculpture was re-displayed at the exhibition Potkat jelena/ motiv jelena a laně v moderním a současném umění at the Galerie města Trutnova in 2022.

youtube #CJS6OQ8Gb0E

Potkat jelena | Galerie města Trutnova, 2022