galerie NOD, Prague, Czech Republic

360° video projection
curator: Veronika Zajačíková
animation, visual design: Josef Kortan
asistentka animátora: Julie Partyková
sound: Adam Sporka
sample: Spoonbender and Haymaker

“Transfer is a transition. An interspace with blowing wind that sets things in motion.”

The Transfer installation focuses on natural phenomena, in particular, the wind. The wind, of course, is present in the gallery in two forms. Visually – on the canvas, and in actual fact – in the room. In the form of animation, the air flow is bounded by brick walls. The direction is thus determined and shows the way out.

The installation shows a turning point, the crossroads or perhaps rather a dividing line between two opposites and, in a broader sense, between two eventualities. Neither the past, nor the future is clear. It is necessary to get moving.

The objects that are already in motion indicate the nature of the wind per se, its intensity and flow.